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Contract Labor Management System


Specifications :

                           Contract Labour Management Solution is a combination of readily available computer hardware, barcode readers, biometric fingerprint readers, webcams and the software. A typical installation consists of a server where database of all contract laborers is maintained.
Clients in most cases will recover the cost of the solution within 3-6 months, especially where the labour strength is large.

 The following benefits are likely to accrue :


  • The probability of payroll inflation by falsifying the records pertaining to the number of workers deployed, their committed hours and their skill gets totally eliminated.


  • The client gets reports on the time spent by each labourer to enable accurate calculating of  billing for various contractors.


  • It will ensure that the blacklisted workers do not get entry into the work area, even under different identity or through another contractor.


  • Client can get warnings when a worker is nearing maximum number of days’ attendance after which he will become eligible to various benefits which regular employees are entitled to.


  • Labourers can be scheduled more accurately, thus minimizing the possibility of excess labour hiring.


  • Clients can ensure that workers of the desired skill only get deployed.

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