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Web Based Payroll Software


                         Payroll Management System gives your Management the flexibility of creating Salary Heads, Salary Formulae, Professional Tax Slab,TDS, creating own Salary Structures and finally simple click Pay slip generation.

Payroll Outsourcing is important to deal by means of the financial aspects of employee's salary, allowances, deductions, gross pay, net pay etc. as well as generating monthly employee pay slips for a specific time.

Payroll Services :


There are 3 major types of self-service options in Web payroll software:
Employee Self Service
Each employee of your company will get 24/7 access to view only his/her personal and professional details like salary structure, pay slips, etc.
Payroll Admin Self-Service
Your payroll team will get 24/7 access to master data of all employees to process payroll and manage all statutory compliances.
Manager Self Service
Your HR team, finance team, auditors, labour law consultants, and other managers will get 24/7 access to view only specific data based on their roles.

Payroll Software is designed for
1) Preparing Pay Slip, Salary Master, Salary Register, Salary Summary (one page),.
2) Statements like Bank, PF, P. Tax, ESI, LWF.
3) Summary of all Earnings & Deductions heads, Salary Certificate, Yearly Salary Register.
4) Statutory Forms like PF 3A, 6A,12 A, ESI Form No.6 (Half Yearly/ Yearly),.
5) Profession Tax Reconciliation statement, Challans for PF, ESI.


User Defined Earnings & Deductions
Leave & Attendance Management
Loan & Advance Management
Payroll Processing
Salary Reports(Payslip & Salary Sheet)
Bank Transfer
Reimbursement Management
Arrears Calculation
Other Payments
PF Calculation & Reports
ESIS Calculation & Reports
Professional Tax Income
Tax Management
Full & Final Settlement
User Defined Reports
Master Data Import
HR Functions etc.


We also provides solutions in ORACLE APPS

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